Racial stereotypes against black people

The new generation of African Americans

at the beginning of the African and the African

American history. Our grand parents and our

ancestors worked hard in order for us to be were

we are now and many of us who are the new generation we

just really don’t care whenever someone wants to improve

and live in a very good neighborhood who happens to be black

some children always has to call that persons children a

Oreo or a coconut which in other words means that

the child or adult is black on the outside and white

on the inside. And that really we should stop racial

stereotypes among other races and our own



-civil rights movement

This is a video about the stereotypes among black people

in their community and around the world. Because if we

don’t do any thing now it will not be helpful for future generations

because they will grow up to believe that these type of stereotypes are



Rosa Park a great lady


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